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<b>Getting Ready for the New Wave of Clients: ADR/CDR Opportunities in Working with Same-Sex Partners, Special Needs Families, and Prenuptial Agreements</b> – March 15, 2014 @ 8:30AM

This is a practical program designed for legal, mental health and financial professionals (as well as students) who are interested in working with families in the process of marrying, cohabitating, separation or divorce. It is for those with established mediation or collaborative practices, those who want to build ADR/CDR practices, ...

New Mexico Judiciary Unified Budget FY15 (pdf)

New Mexico Budget for the Judiciary for FY 2015 Announced.

Chief Justice  Petra Jimenez Maeshas requested a meager 3.49% increase for New Mexico courts for FY 2015. This represents only 2.55% of the New Mexico General Budget. If the increase is granted as requested, five new civil judgeships will be created,  and the courts will expand spending for specialized drug courts and PERA.

CLick here to view full pdf outlining the NM budget cuts 2015